January 31, 2013

The Rebis from the Latin 'res bina', meaning dual or double matter. When the alchemist has achieved a high stage of integration, soul and spirit combine to form the rebis-one thing and one matter. The mineral spirit rough like water mixes itself with its bodies in the first brew in the process of dissolving.

In this picture we see the alchemist as double matter, a figure integrating masculine and feminine energies. The male side is holding a mirror as a reference to looking inside of yourself while the female side of the figure is holding the philosophical egg. In this egg, the alchemist is mirroring the biological stages of his physical birth. This picture then depicts his involution into consciousness. He has given wings to the earthen reality upon which he stands - he literally 'understands' life with Gnosis wisdom.

January 23, 2013

Chess or Toilet Paper?

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal has confirmed that pessoi, ceramic discs thought to be game pieces in ancient chess-like strategy games, were put to a more utilitarian use: "toilet paper". 

Researchers examined two terracotta pessoi, probably fragments from broken amphorae, found in the filling underneath Roman latrines close to excrement deposits. The fragments were recut to have smoother edges. Examination under a microscope found solidified and partially mineralized feces.

There is also artistic evidence of the use of pottery fragments for wiping. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a kylix (a wine cup) that has a rather cut and dry depiction on the tondo, the flat round inside the cup.

Until now, the pessoi had been cataloged as pieces in an intellectual game. I guess they'll have to "wipe" the slate clean and start reclassifying these artifacts as a being used for a less cerebral purpose. 

January 21, 2013

Polyhedral Dial by Nicolaus Kratzer, London, c.1525

This is a special type of sundial called a 'polyhedral dial' because it is made in a complicated shape. It can be used to tell the time in a number of different ways from the position of the sun. It is a very precious object and is completely covered in gold. Made for Cardinal Wolsey (bearing his arms, the arms of York Minster and two representations of a cardinal’s hat), by Nicholaus Kratzer, this was a typical conjunction of astronomical and cosmographical interests. Born in Munich and educated at the universities of Cologne and Wittenberg, Kratzer was an instrument-maker, who brought the craft practice of astronomy to England in about 1517, arriving, according to a contemporary account, bearing astrolabes and armillary spheres.

In the Renaissance, 'polyhedral' dials like this one were less useful as things to be used everyday and more like things that had all the up-to-date technology and theories built into them. They were made so that mathematicians and instrument makers could show off their skills and demonstrate that they had mastered all the new mathematical theories and techniques in something that actually worked.

Like all sundials, this one works by casting the shadow of a spike called a 'gnomon' onto a series of lines that have been calibrated to show the time. In a polyhedral dial the challenge was to build as many different individual sundials onto as many different faces as possible. This sundial has nine different faces, which is good going. If it is made correctly then all the dials on all the different faces should show exactly the same time no matter what direction the sundial is pointing in.

Appearance on Mysterious Realms: Elongated Skulls

My January appearance on Mysterious Realms, where I spoke with Bob Luca and Dr. John DeSalvo about the newly discovered elongated skulls in Mexico.

January 18, 2013

Approximate English Translation of Latin Text Surrounding the Hermaphrospehere.

From Heinrich Khunrath's Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae, circa 1595 CE. 

Approximate English translation of the text surrounding the Hermaphrospehere. 

Recognize the nature of, universally, and particularly out of the book of the Most Holy Scripture: Nature of Him who is, and the greater World, the whole: and they shall be less than the World, this is a man, for instance, and according to their own spirit, and the body: in short, or mediately, from the angels to the good , either directly, in the mirror of your mind cleansed, from God himself: theosophice; naturalists physicomedice; physicochemice; physicomagice; hyperphysicomagice; cabalice.

I. Philosophers Stone is. This, indeed,

1. Experience, of all things, even the only, the teacher of a sufficient, bears witness to the infallibly, to which you resist her, is it not more than it would be for a fool? This (from the others, however, has been prepared), gallantly he saw that the effective, and the Roman Pontiff, and the Imperial Majesty: and they saw the Kings, of the whole world, not a few, nor the Electors of the Roman Empire, not used to indicate the seen, and a number of princes, counts, barons, nobles, and, ( for the sake of virtue, and learning,) from the noble neighbor, Doctors: or rather, out of every nation, state of Jewish, heathenish, and the Christian, even Turkish, and statuque order, in all directions, and many; than political as well as ecclesiastical, as well as the learned and the unlearned, the eyes of the (wonderfully of Nature, by means of art, a miracle) was visible, and hands touched, his. I Know. All these early witnesses physicochemiaemastix you, ask them, in support of the truth and love of truth, so the thing to have, testabuntur willingly.

2. Reason, truth and certainty on good terms with the leader of the Wise should seriously confirms, than it impedes the distress of this place to add, one after an excellent and most prompt, he has allowed.

3. Wise men, so many and so great, the authors of the most influential, (of whom, in this regard, the monuments found everywhere) in a single, harmoniously, with the mouth, even an oath, the most holy, not lightly asseuerarunt: Who will have all brought with the truthful (for those who are wise and good men) and they are considered as long and are, of them, until the contrary, a sufficient degree; may have approved of. But when? And when the artist is to believe in his art to anyone else, why should I not, in this matter, the faith is to be applied shall be those, who did not know how? For of all the artificers, and the best and most truly, by reason of what he has done, to discuss, to speak and to judge they know.

4. Nature, of God in the world of this machine, the minister of an idle, never, often, in their own operations, (as they delivered them unto THEOSOPHY experienced and confirmed) ways, and the ways in which, day and night for a long time [1] urges us faithfully, and the faith, of him, he made his farm. The nature of a parent, about his son in a catholic, catholic testifies, in his own.

5. The mind, higher and brighter spark of the human spirit, by divine and immortal, that which God has given the condition of the race, in order that from what is implanted to himself the nature of his desire, he can be certain that all those in strength, to the highest and the best things to tend to, it desires indefinenter: whom the appetite of good (for it is by God) stimulus, rather than the mind, (unless they know not experienced) irrequietudinem, that the burning desire, the Stone of the Philosophers of having, if it would not be in the nature of things, God himself who, for them too, (this is not out of the sch corrupt the word) who are more shrewd, others are wiser and more godly, or were introduced in vain. But all in vain!

6. The consent symbolic, is it true and admirable, (in Nature) Stone, of this, when the most holy divine Triunitate; created with all the residue of the whole, nor not to speak of God, who became incarnate, that is, by sending the promise and Maschiach, and religion of the Christian sacraments and the mysteries of the deep and high, as well, must be true, to believe and to confess, all of sound mind, may justly be obliged to use. If I speak the truth without, be ashamed. Judge, but not knowing.

7. Finally, (with the Creator, even out of the creature on the testimony of the divine Paul, would wish to be known to the Romans, I.) O God, and he wanted to and was able to (wanted to experience testifies) to his organs, to some people, (for it is not gives to one, the God of all things) from there as far as from the beginning of the world, and still wants to bestow upon us with kindness, (for his mercy endureth for ever) so that without doubt, what is the wonderful wisdom of the Creator, the power infinite, immense, kindness, etc.. that is, what sort it is God himself who, type of marvelous, out of the creature, not, indeed, out of the world of a major, or simply through itself alone, and the portion of it, in all directions, the knowledge of the particular, but also, the son of the elder was out of the world, (the art, that is, interpretations physicochemiae ) in a subject in a catholic, catholic, are much more and more explicitly that, to the human race, in the presence, be made known to: yhvh joined the ranks of [2] triune, and the good and the author of so great a gift, it is more clearly let him learn to acknowledge, admire, and respect only, we should praise a grateful mind, to meditate more deeply, and to Him is inseparably associated with the and reunited.

2. What is the Philosophers Stone?

Stone is Philosophrum ruah Elohim Ruach Elohim (who hung over the waters, Genesis. 1.) Means Heaven (yhvh ground of mere goodness, thus willing) concept, and the body, and the real sense of falling, he became, in the womb protÙtokou (Chae created) major world, virginal, the land, of course, void and empty, and the water was a light Macrocosmou son, look (the Fool), ugly, ugly, and, in the latter, consubstantial, however, like my father, a Catholic, triune, hermaphrodites , visible, touch, hearing, smell, and taste of the sensible object, and a local at an end: throughly made manifest, regeneratorie, of himself, of the art of the hand of the midwives of the physicochemicae, in the body, with her, and once, taking with them, glorify, or to the advantage of the use of, almost an infinite number of, and the microcosm and macrocosmo in triunitate Catholic wonderfully beneficial.

3. Why is it said Stone, the Philosophers and why?

The stone is said to be, properly speaking, why, and what is his name, which is named with the blind man, the common people. God himself who, for certain reasons, in writing, the traditional wisdom of bishops, was severely forbidden to reveal to anyone. That is why they all wanted to die sooner philosophers than this secret trade secret diuulgare. Nevertheless, I will bring them, and that, speaking philosophically, because, they say, such as stones, too, is his generation and regeneration: of the moist, of course, uiscoso and glutinous, and the earthy [3] out. And, that his cooking (which proceeds incrassando) permanently fixed in stone (such as stone harrowed) hardens. The stone and not a stone, is it true they say of the philosopher. The answer more clearly, let him remain stored up in her deep mind. [4] Furthermore, it is the philosophers, those that hate, not of true wisdom: the Wise, foolish, not, not, simple folks; vicious are not contrary to conscience. Only fortunate THEOSOPHY.

4. What is ruah Elohim Ruach Elohim, which hung over the water, Genesis. 1.?

Ruah Elohim Ruach Elohim, the spirit, the breath, the breath of the Holy yhvh, vapor power of Almighty God, and the emanation of a vital fertility, the first and highest motor revive and virtuous, the very deepest recesses of his own divinity, of ideas, of course, or copies, of species, nursery grounds, of the primordial and radical, of desires of workers and of the causes that bring about, in the mind of the archetype (hokhmah Hhochmah [5] in wisdom, in His goodness causing them to) pre-existing conceptions and, of all things, later on in the world of the future, and be produced to be made. Which (Elohim, the Creator and Creator, and His Word, and by order of the Speaker. Gen. i. 1.) All things, which exist have assigned to it in this theater in the mundane, they drew up, nearer the truth they made: in the group of sublunari, clothed by earth and water, hylÍ the first or the matter of , general and universal, climate intervention. Addo: Ruach Elohim is morphÍ or form of any internal ousiÙdÍs and essential soul of the universal world, substantial power, stand by itself, a cause of the whole creation of the world of being, the essence (for uncreated) Spring fifth, and (as usual voice call) very substantificaque reality. One (the essence and the number), here is the spirit of God, together, all of this material and the obvious one, the Catholic polupoikilos yet, this is the manifold (Wis 7.22. Eph. 3.10.) And its various rays and sparks, the whole matter is a huge of the mass of the first mass, and scattered here and there broken down, and so the various parts of the world, also disjoint, and in place of bulk and of the body, as well as the limitations, and later, separate, separately and disjunctively, countless, sparks of one of the universal soul, even now the inhabitants of the. One of the complexity: multiple unit. Dear God, in several units. And contrary.

V. What is heaven?

Sky is the ethereal body, or ethereal spiritual body, not subject to corruption, pervading the whole machine of the world: the top, the word of the Lord, was confirmed, on a warrant, later, mass sublunari incorporated whole, members of the same essence and substance and one sky, which is below, and something higher. It can be manifested physicochemia.

6. How Ruach Elohim, through the medium of Heaven, the concept of, and the body is true, and under the sense of falling, etc. he was made.?

Finally, without any medium, and agree to unite, and the couple can not be united, it is really a philosophical one voice and consent. Ruach Elohim, the spirit, (the essence of the divine by) uncreated, the most simple, devoid of all the corporeal mass, of their own accord and of itself is mobile, and that is polupoikilos of the manifold, or full of forms, in fact, the very form of things: And, The deep dark, triune, namely, Heaven, earth waste and void, and the water, by God himself in Being (of which alone it is proper to ktizein, to create) - out of nothing, that is not in any of the substantial, existing by itself, or the beginning of the material, the first creature, corporeal, confusedly mixed, the material to the motion, per se, ineffective: in very truth, if anything, the last are the. Sky then, middle, both extremes in his own way (for a spiritual body, and the spirit of the body) share (yhvh alone will benign) intervention. Ruach Elohim (descending demittendoque by circumferences of all the most hidden parts, and distribute in the bottom or the middle region sparks radiosue their pregnancies) to the center until it pierced, the being that created the whole, or that the bulk massamque huge, rough, (chaos) confused unstructured the world of the future nursery, hylÍn muddy or matter, a virgin (or not yet conceived or produced before) form (himself) so informed, and encouraged soul impraegnabatque purest permeabat, filling, heat the oil, and alive fecundabat that was Tohu Ah Bohu, vain and empty, lit, and it was dark, separated, dried, loaded, raw and unpolished, arranged his disordered and unsettled, and their child, this is the center (which is still today and the whole move, support and protection) intimoue (spirit ethereal, heaven, namely, as was said, intermediante) conceived, and the body in the physical sense or made, and is concrete.

7. How and where to light macrocosmou born son, etc..?

Of the parent and the seed of the blood of the E was formed, and from her womb, for a light, naturally excluded: in the land of the Catholic holy, how happily, still dwelleth, in the kingdom of Saturn: a mockery of the world but although the unclean, to him, however, in the sight of the Most Sacred Heart of a wise man. Catholic body has Catholicon, hylÍ of, for instance, the primordial, universal in the state still do not like (God so ordered) all other matters, sublunaris balls, the matter, in a state of special or particular, sparks from the soul of the world, or of the special property of the particles, specified, and (so to speak) particularisata. His condition, too, is the spirit of the Universal;, and of the universal soul, which the Catholic of the Catholic spark of the soul of the world, that is of universal nature and operation of the property. Catholicism is the only place, the particular is a solecism. Catholicon, it was only a Catholic. Away and then descend far from special materials or all of a particular nature. Addo: for the reason that this one alone, by and of itself, a mighty, and a sufficient alone (he has been regenerated after the passion of His own will) of being in the fruit of the first, created, catholics, special or particular, which are as it were in the blood relations of their own men, (hence learn, why Stone vegetative, the animal , and mineral.) strength exercise wonderful Catholic, their number at all. Triune: One, that is, in the composite in the whole: and, what is outside or on this side of this man, there is no other, by the virtue of a wonderful, similar to this. Triune: in substance, essence and hypostasis or subsistence: the nature of the three distinct and different. Stone so our divine, heavenly, earthly. And, because out of salt, mercury and sulfur in the Stone of triune is composed. In the definition of as concerning other, presuppose the words of the mind.

8. How manifested regeneratorie, etc..?

In the government of the triune. Thou, son of doctrine, the figure accurately, watch the present, and what is in the work of the Catholic physicochemico this, the government for the first time, and that the second, philosophically understand: hear from the third. In this is the case of a stone, with the greater world, in the parts of that, inseparable union: and it is said which is the fermentation. The mystery of the harmonic note: That in the cabala of man is brought back to the simplicity of the monad, with God the union; physicochemia to that in more than a stone's perfect, with Macrocosmo, in the parts thereof, and from the things which are therein, fermentation. And, just as a man is united to God, by which God is made the aspect of God is that by which this divine by the human deify or a man, and therefore it can be and what it wishes to;, however, which is God himself who wishes to, even so the greater world of the Philosophers Stone, in the parts of that, of fermentation, by reason of dough, changes himself in whatever he should will, for the natures of all the different ways to different operaturque all things, in all things, and is equaled to oneself to all men, to all, to every one and all. Will not all that his name?

9. What is the advantage of it, and who they use, and so on.?

He works according to the body, spirit, and soul, into the body of the spirit and the soul, the world of both the catholic all things. And this, the use of projection, which is nothing else, than a stone, the world of both parties, the application of artificial. Experience of the triune, because divine, and micro Macrocosmicus: physically physicomedice, etc.. as above. See the fourth figure.

X. Can they multiple Philosophers Stone?

Wise men say, yes. In the quality and in quantity: and there is nothing of the work than physicochemici, Catholics, when the Stone of glorified before the fermentation, and paid for a second time in the Azoth, by the government of the second, repetition; Too often repeated, the more quickly and more perfectly, the work of solved: and this is so on to infinity.

Corollaries, FINISHING place added two:

1. The expenses of this work, to the far end of the fermentation (except food and clothing) to the highest value does not exceed 30 talerorum, knowing that I had been informed by the knower fraternally. They were just setting.

2. As part of a tenth of the world is accustomed to spend with God, the pious causes, nine of the world use, so, on the contrary, should THEOSOPHY, only a tenth of this part of the Stone, uses Ladina keeles spend, while nine others only God, the neighbor, the needy. That Almoners of God, this big one in the hospital, is proper. Seal of nature and art, the simplicity.

January 10, 2013

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