February 7, 2013

Any extreme, whether deemed positive or negative, takes us further away from the ultimate goal of unification. In unification, there is well-being, or simply put, being. To "be" is the highest state of consciousness according to many ancient and longstanding belief systems. This is why throughout history, humans have been obsessed with notions of duality (light/dark, good/bad, female/male, etc.). Not to digress, but it is my belief that this obsession stems from the breakdown of the bicameral mind, as postulated by Jaynes.

However, when we come to terms with the knowledge that the power of unification lies within ourselves, external forces no longer impact our sense of being. This is true empowerment. The quest for "happiness" is seen for what it is; a subjective and unsustainable distraction which leads us further from the real and lasting goal of "well-being". Extremism should never be the goal. One can be blinded by light the same as by darkness. It is only through seeing both light and darkness that you are able to see at all. 

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