March 28, 2013

Ancient Sumerian Temple Discovered

A buried temple-like structure near the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur (in modern day Iraq) has been found. It is believed to be at least 4000 years old. 

 The size of the structure is massive. The walls are nine feet thick, indicating that the building was of great importance. It’s a monumental complex with rows of rooms encircling a large courtyard. 

Using modern archaeological methods, researchers are testing soil samples to determine information about climate, agriculture, and possible uses for this building. 

 What makes this discovery so important is its location. At more than 10 miles from Ur, it is the first major archaeological find that far from the city center. It is also notable since foreign archaeologists have been banned from the area by the Iraqi government for political reasons many years. This is one of the first discoveries made since archaeologists have been allowed back into the area. 

 What more might they uncover?

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