September 10, 2015

A Virtual Takeover

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and I know some of you are concerned. A lot has happened recently that I must share. For one, I have been locked out of all of my online accounts. Somehow, my emails, social media, personal, and even bank accounts have been compromised and taken over. I finally got my Facebook back last night after weeks of going back and forth with Facebook’s “customer service.”  I don’t know what is going to happen with my Twitter account. The only solution I have received, thus far, has been to open a new account. As for Instagram, I had to start a new account and I was told the original one would be investigated and (hopefully) shut down. Both my website and email were affected as well.

In addition to dealing with the virtual takeover my social media and communication channels, all of my personal accounts, including my bank accounts, have been compromised. As a result, I am in a financial mess. My accounts have been frozen pending further investigation and I have to go one by one to dispute the charges that were made. So, this is taking a while to sort through.

Dealing with this over the past weeks has been, and continues to be difficult. I cannot say for certain who was responsible for this but there is one thing I’m sure of. This was a deliberate attack.

As you all know, I am a very private person and I don’t like drama. When I face hurdles, I try to take them in stride and keep moving forward on the quest. However, this time I have to share a part of my battle, even if it means risking everything.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a law firm claiming to represent parties interested in the contents of my book, Land of the Watchers, the follow-up to my report, The Sumerian Controversy. I was told that I needed to submit my manuscript to them before publishing or “face harsh consequences.” I refused, and was threatened again. I contacted my attorney and he advised that I should simply change some of the names and details in the book so that it could be “inspired by actual events” and then it would be protected from litigation. I considered this, and moved on. Weeks later, I received an invitation to meet someone in L.A. to discuss the possibility of making a documentary about the subjects covered in both The Sumerian Controversy and Land of the Watchers. After some correspondences, I decided to meet the gentleman the first week in April. The meeting did not go well. I felt like I had been duped because of “arrangements” someone was trying to make for me to go to Iraq to cover the story. These arrangements were basically a scam so I felt as though I had wasted some time. I had some other business to take care of while in California, so I shrugged it off and went back to my hotel.

A few hours later, I received a call from the concierge asking that I come down to the front desk to pick up a letter. The only problem was, that no one in L.A. knew what hotel I was staying in. I picked up the letter. It was hand-written and only said “You were warned.” I got a little creeped out and left that very weekend. When I got back to Cleveland, I decided to forget the whole thing and move on. A week later, I couldn’t get into my email and everything else started to fall like dominoes.

I can't help but wonder if these events are somehow related. I don't know exactly who was responsible for this, but they've turned my life upside down. There have been moments these past weeks when I actually considered giving up my quest, but quickly realized that to do so would mean they win. I am forever committed to uncovering the truth behind archaeological anomalies suppressed by those seeking to manipulate human history. Between trying to recover my finances, reclaim my web presence, and catch up on messages, I have a lot of work ahead of me. It may take me a while to answer my emails and messages since I have so many backlogged. Thank you all for your patience during this trying time and thank you for your support and encouragement.

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