October 17, 2015

Listen Tonight!


Listen live at midnight!

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  1. your an impressive girl(person) intriguing, how much you have learned in your short lifetime, true pleasure listening to you, look forward the book as I've been a follower of Sumerian race, the thousands of years pre-dating the rise of humans, the time before the great flood, even wonder if Lake Titicaca's waters where once when the Pacific kept moving eastward when the planet stopped in one of the Crossings,(MAYBE THE LAST ONE) when the planet stopped turning for 3 days, as per Kolbrin Bible was written. or why we have 2 fused DNA strands, impossible to happen in nature, would enjoy speaking with you, very important person, thank you for your interest in the real history of this planet & how its all very connected, not limited to just European -Asian- South American & North American