May 29, 2013

Follow-up Report Coming Soon!

Former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, receiving a tour of the Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq, Jan. 19, 2007.

I am almost finished writing my next report which will be available this summer!

In my recent publication The Sumerian Controversy, available now on Amazon, I lifted the veil and exposed the elite political and corporate power structure behind the latest discovery near the ancient city or Ur. 

In this follow-up, I push the boundaries of the accepted narrative, presenting an unbiased look at the hypotheses and beliefs of today's leading theorists. Ancient aliens, suppressed technology, stargates, free energy, ancient wisdom, the search for royal bloodlines; these are just some of the many alternative theories that have been proposed to explain the secrecy behind recent Sumerian archaeological excavations. 

Could any of this be true, or is it all wild speculation? What does science say? Where is the evidence? Is it being hidden? What are the possible implications? 

How far down this path would you be willing to travel?

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