October 18, 2014

Nazca Lines, Ancient Aliens, and Recent Appearance on Earth Ancients

I would like to address some of the emails I have received after my guest appearance on Earth Ancients Radio. Apparently, I ruffled a few feathers when I gave my opinion on both Ancient Aliens, the program, and the Nazca lines.

On the show, I expressed my view that the Nazca lines were not extraterrestrial runways. I stand behind this statement. Here is the thing. We, in the alternative field (yes, I include myself), cannot be hypocrites. We cannot do to each other what the mainstream does to itself.

In the mainstream, if a professor has an alternative point of view on a subject and refuses to march in lockstep with his colleagues, it is not unusual for him/her to get flak. At worse, it can mean a loss of tenure or even total ostracization and humiliation. We look at that and think, “How unfair and impetuous!” Academia should foster free and critical thinking, as well as discourse.

If we want to legitimize our claims, as independent or alternative researchers, we must not fall into the same groupthink tendencies as the mainstream. We cannot espouse open-minded inquiry while keeping a closed mind and a tight grip on our own beliefs. Belief is in the dominion of religion while knowledge is in the dominion of science. We need to be guided with open hearts and minds while keeping a firm grip onto the tools that can bring us closer to truth; tools such as the scientific method, fact-checking, discourse, debate, technology, first-person accounts, and so on.

Personally, I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, even intelligent life. I also believe in the possibility of interstellar travel. I am even open to ideas about visitation. I know that there have been things in life I would have never believed but since embarking on my quest to uncover the truth about ancient mysteries, my eyes have been opened to truths that I never thought possible. I have had to rethink everything I thought I knew about human history. That being said, it is unfair to lable someone “pseudo” for supporting alternative theories, such as ancient technology. It is equally unfair to label someone “mainstream,” simply because they do not believe that the Nazca lines are runways for extraterrestrial craft.

Here is my position on the Nazca lines. They are amazing, beautiful, and damned mysterious! However, there are a number of interesting and plausible explanations for them, of which we will likely not prove, as is the case in archaeology since it is still a social science. My personal favorite theory, the one I mentioned on air, was proposed by a researcher named, Henri Stierlin. Stierlin believes that the Nazca people used the line-system as loom. In the Paracas culture textiles were made using a single, unbroken string. However, the natives did not have wheels and looms (so we believe), so they may have organized hundreds of men to hold the string. Their individual positions were defined by the lines. They would walk up and down the lines not only to make giant textiles, but also as offerings to what they believed to be mountain gods. All though Stierlin is an educated man and arguably part of the mainstream, his theory is also seen as fringe. In his case, would it be better for him to deny his theory in order to fit in with the mainstream, or claim that only aliens could have been responsible for the Nazca lines to fit in better with the alternative crowd? I do not want to be part of a system where we only have one of two choices. This is why, even politically, I am an independent, There are more than only two ways!

Incidentally, there is an interesting artifact that supports this loom theory. It is sometimes referred to as the "Great Cloth," an enormous Nazca burial cloth that measured about 100 feet long. It is likely that no ancient loom could have made this, however, it is known that the Nazca culture had walked the Nazca lines in ceremonies and, to this day, work in enormous groups activities to reach a common goal.

Another myth about the Nazca Lines, is that they can only be seen from the sky. This, is not true, as they were discovered before the advent of flight by people on foot. They can still be viewed from the mountains. You do not need to fly over them to see the lines. Now, it is true that some of the lines may be less visible from the mountains, but those less visible designs have also been found in smaller form on ancient women textiles, meaning, the Nazca people had the patterns and could have easily scaled it up to a much larger proportion. This would mean that the Nazca people were pretty advanced and would have had an understanding of math in order to scale these designs. The Nazca people were intelligent. They were not animals incapable of functioning without the aid of paternal extraterrestrial beings. In fact, there are ancient complex aqueducts and well systems in almost perfect condition which are still used to supply the city today. This is indicative of a once great society.

Sometimes, in searching for the unknown, people forget to give credit to the ancients. I believe that we have much wisdom to learn from studying the ancients.

Now, as for the program Ancient Aliens, let me just say that the production company behind the show is filled with amazing people. They were wonderful to work with. However, the show is entertainment. I support Ancient Aliens, in that they spur the imaginations of people and expose them to important questions and ancient mysteries. Nevertheless, it is irresponsible to watch the show and believe that you are being educated with facts. I like to refer to this type of programming as “edutainment.” It is fun, and if it ignites a spark of curiosity in someone which leads them to learn more through further research, then I think it is awesome! To judge the show on its scholarly merits is foolish because it is not a scholarly endeavor. This is not to suggest that the production teams do not do their research, because I know first-hand that they do, but at the end of the day, it is a for-profit television show. It is the responsibility of the viewer to decide what to think. 

My only real problem with the program is that, as the seasons have passed, the content has become more and more outlandish and repetitive. It has come to a point where many people see it as a joke and now associate all forms of alternative inquiry with the general thesis, “If we cannot explain it, then it must have been aliens.” This is dangerous. It is dangerous to all of the hard working independent research whom are not profiting, rather, they are losing money, trying to fund their own research into ancient history. By essentially branding all alternative archeology as just “Ancient Aliens Stuff” (a phrase I have encountered more than once), it is causing a lot of amazing research to be left by the wayside.

Watch, enjoy, and even benefit from Ancient Aliens, just as you would a nice glass of Merlot. Just don’t kid yourself into believing it is water or else you will find yourself drunk and still desperate to quench you thirst.  

To those who wrote me emails about the Nazca lines, thank you, and please send me what you feel is the most convincing evidence that the Nazca lines were U.F.O. runways because I want to believe. I promise to look at the evidence with an open mind and email you back. Maybe you can teach me something. I love it when my mind is blown! It wouldn'e be the first time a listener or reader has contacted me with mind-blowing information that has redirected my research. I believe we are all here to learn from each other. 

To those that tuned in to Earth Ancients Radio today, thank you for listening. I look forward to the next opportunity I get to spend time with all of you, which will be Monday, October 27th on EPIC Voyages for their Halloween show, where I will be discussing Evil Archaeology. I will be posting more details soon. 

Until then, keep digging!


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