April 4, 2013

More Breaking News on Ancient Sumerian Site

The British team assigned to the site has described what was initially thought to be a large temple as being even larger than anticipated. It has been measured, so far, to be about the size of a football field.

It is extremely unusual to find complexes this old at this scale. Sources are describing the site as Ur’s “administrative center”, dating back at least 4,000 years.

While it’s still early, among some of the artifacts found was a 3 ½ inch clay plaque, depicting a worshiper dressed in a long fringed robe (as shown on the left).

The actual excavation of the site was started last month in a joint collaboration with British and Iraqi teams. There are more foreign teams being allowed in, and more information will soon be available.

Time will only tell what they will discover! I have been making arrangements to speak directly with the officials involved so I will update everyone on this discovery as details emerge.

Stay tuned…

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