April 25, 2013

*Valley of the Burger Kings

Recent excavations unearth a plethora of animal bones at a labor settlement near the Egyptian Sphinx. What has been referred to as a “massive catering-type operation” is believed to be how the “pyramid builders” obtained their nutritional protein.

Located about 1,300 feet south of the Sphinx, the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders, also known by its Arabic name, Heit el-Ghurab, has provided evidence that large numbers of livestock were regularly consumed on site.

Through a combination of animal bone findings and nutritional data analysis, archaeologists estimate that over 4,000 pounds of meat were slaughtered daily to feed the laborers. Still unsure of the exact number of bones, the current estimate is comprised of 25,000 sheep and goats, 8,000 cattle and 1,000 pigs.

What a “meat-normous” discovery!

*Thank you to my friend Neil B.M. Stevenson from the U.K. for that clever bit of humor!

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