April 29, 2013

More News from the Latest Discovery Near Ur

Here are some photos of the newest artifacts coming out of the excavation near the ancient city or Ur. 

Various bits of pottery and artifacts have been systematically collected, bagged up and shipped out for further analysis. 

Also, a rim fragment from a once magnificent alabaster bowl has been found. 

Next, there is a mysterious item made from rare and expensive diorite that has been recovered. Theories for what this artifact is have ranged from a recycled chip of larger relic to possibly a game piece. No one knows for certain yet. 

Finally, the shallow grave of an infant was found just under the surface. The gender of the infant is still unclear. Its body was placed into a pottery jar which was then laid on its side.

There have been many more, one in particular that is potentially revealing that I will speak about tonight on OWRN. 

Stay tuned! I will be posting more photos from this excavation tomorrow!

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