April 23, 2013

Upcoming Review of the Film Sirius

So I had the opportunity to view Dr. Steven Greer's film, Sirius, last night and at the very least, I would say this was well worth viewing. I plan to give a full review in my Amazing Discoveries Newsletter, which will be out later this week. If you do not already receive the newsletter, visit my website to sign up!

With that being said, let me also announce that due to some apparent issue with the servers at Yekra, the media company responsible for distributing the film, many people did not receive the email containing the order specific link required for viewing in a timely manner. This caused the planned radio after party panel discussion to be postponed until this Friday, April  26 at 10:00pm EST.

Hopefully, this did not cause too many difficulties for people and everyone was still able to see the film, Sirius. I would definitely recommend the film, but not without making a few points clear, as I discuss in this month's Amazing Discoveries Newsletter.

Perhaps disclosure is closer than we thought...

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